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Where can I sell my audiobooks?

A major choice an author has to make when publishing in audio is: which distributor to use and whether to use that distributor exclusively. 

Why can't I use Audible or Spotify codes for ALCs?

You can't use ACX or Findaway download codes for advance review copies, because they only become available when the book is actually live.

Why are there two versions of my audiobook on Apple and what can I do about it?

Apple Books accepts audiobooks from multiple aggregators, so if you distribute via ACX and Findaway, for instance, you can end up with multiple versions.

What can I be doing to market my audiobook?

For a copy of our Audiobook Marketing Checklist, subscribe to our newsletter (and be sure to indicate you're an author). The first email you'll receive includes the checklist. The newsletter is the only place to hear about discounts or specials or new resources that we have to offer.

Can I set a preorder or release date for my audiobook?

Right now, the only audiobook distributor that allows you to set a preorder and/or release date is ACX (and then, only if you're exclusive with ACX.)

Promo Blast Options Explained

The basic tour includes three blast dates of your choice. We can recommend options in a consultation, or you can choose from the options on this page.

How do you create short videos to post on social media using the audiobook as the sound?

Once you've cut your audio, you can easily use it in videos and/or slideshows created in Canva or other video editing software like Headspace.

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