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Wide vs. Exclusive

A major choice an author has to make when publishing in audio is: which distributor to use and whether to use that distributor exclusively. From a marketing perspective, we currently* recommend distributing exclusively with ACX for the first ninety days, in order to ensure reviews on Audible as well as to get the higher revenue percentage during the initial release. After that required window is up, we recommend uploading directly with Kobo (in order to take advantage of their audiobook promotions) and using Findaway to distribute to all other retailers.

Going Wide Checklist

90 Days after ACX release 

  • Email with the following template as close to the beginning of the month as possible (to avoid losing the higher royalty rate for the entire month):

To whom it may concern,

I have been distributing exclusively with ACX since [DATE] and I would now like to take my audiobooks from an exclusive distribution agreement to a non-exclusive agreement.

Please transition the following audiobooks, all "Pay for Production" to a non-exclusive status.


​Thank you,



  • If they haven't replied with confirmation after five business days, email until they do.

  • Give Kobo notice of wide release date with this form.

  • Then, set up books on Findaway. Stay direct with ACX and upload to Kobo direct (which is the only way you can participate in their promos.)

  • Sign up for Kobo audio promotions emails and participate 

  • As books populate on retailers, add those links to your genius links, your website, etc.

  • Ask top reviewers to repost on Kobo, Apple & Google

  • Do giveaways with Findaway Codes

  • Post about following you and your narrators on Chirp

  • Apply for a Chirp

  • Sell books on your own website

*Currently, because the landscape is continually evolving.

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