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Apple Duplicate Suppression

Why are there two versions of my audiobook on Apple books?

More importantly, why are the prices different?

Apple Books accepts audiobooks from multiple aggregators, so if you distribute via ACX and Findaway, for instance, you can end up with multiple versions. Because ACX doesn't allow authors to set or change prices, you'll most likely want to get rid of the Audible version. You can identify that version on the bottom of the project listing, just look for  "Presented by". 


To resolve this issue, you can email with the following:

To Whom it May Concern:


One of my titles is duplicated on Apple Books. That is, two products are available for a singular audio title.


I'd like to KEEP this version: [insert link to preferred version here]

Please HIDE this version  [insert link to the version with "presented by" at the bottom]



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