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Preorders & Release Dates

Can I set a preorder or release date for my audiobook?

Right now, the only audiobook distributor that allows you to set a preorder and/or release date is ACX (and then, only if you're exclusive with ACX.)


To set a release date, you'll need to have the master audiobook files ready at least two weeks (10 business days) prior to the date. Setting a preorder adds an additional two weeks, so you'll need to plan to upload your files one month prior to the release date.

Either way, you need to claim your book on ACX and then email the request (and receive a response) before you upload the files. You don't have to have the audiobook to make the request; you just have to know the date the masters will be ready to upload.

To make a preorder and/or release date request email the following to


Audiobook Title view link (from ACX dashboard)

Pre-order date: Month/Day/ Year

Release date:  Month/Day/ Year


If you have a preorder, I recommend waiting to reveal the narrators until the preorder is live.

If you have a release date, then that allows us to focus promo around that date.

If you are releasing wide and are set up to sell books on your website, that's the only other option (to date, that I'm aware of) that would allow you to set a preorder and/or release date.

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