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Who are we & what do we do?

Readers are listening… but are they listening to your books?

Audiobooks have been the fastest-growing segment of the publishing industry for more than ten years.


While the number of listeners and the number of books being listened to grows year over year, it can be hard to be heard above the din.

Whether it's a casting or distribution consult, managing advance listening copies or a full-on social media promotional tour, our carefully curated team of reviewers and influencers is passionate about helping authors raise the volume on their audiobooks.

Authors: Get a free checklist of marketing ideas to implement before you press record and be the first to hear about new opportunities and specials

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Influencers: Learn more about promoting and reviewing audiobooks before you apply to join our team

Listeners: Get our Audiobook SuperFan news in your mailbox every Thursday, chock full of new releases, sales, giveaways and interviews

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“Audiobook promotion (well, any promotion, let's be honest) can be so overwhelming, but Karen does a fantastic job of breaking it down so you can make things happen. It's so great to have a resource in this area and I plan to use Karen again and again!”

- NY Times and USA Today best-selling author Erin Nicholas

“Karen knows the audiobook industry inside and out. I couldn’t figure out how to gain any traction, but Karen came up with an organized, creative plan to promote my book. I was blown away with the results and can’t wait to use Home Cooked Books for my next release.”

- Indie author Jill Brashear

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“Karen is the BEST! She is communicative, forthcoming and supremely organized. Her knowledge of the audiobook industry goes deep and her connections with audio lovers are strong. As someone juggling careers as both an author and a full-time narrator, my plate is quite full, so it gave me enormous peace of mind  knowing Karen was steering the marketing ship of my last audio release... and it was the best one yet! I plan on partnering with Home Cooked Books again and again!” 

- Erin Mallon, indie author, playwright and audiobook narrator 

"Home Cooked Books gave my audio release the boost it needed. Karen is timely and professional. She knows the audiobook world and has a wide array of connections. 10/10 would use her services again!"

- Traditionally published author Kelly Siskind

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“Karen & Home Cooked Books did a wonderful job arranging the blog & review tour for my audiobook. If you’re looking for a partner to launch your audiobook in the near way possible then look no further.”

- Amazon bestselling author L. Steele 

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